Visual Activation Giant Stretch UV psychedelic tapestry by Crealab108
Visual activation fractal UV psychedelic trippy mandala tapestry by crealab108 Koh Pha ngan
Visual Activation Giant Stretch UV psychedelic tapestry by Crealab108
Sweet Lake Sunset Psychedelic Fractal UV Tapestry - Crealab108

Visual Activation UV Psychedelic Fractal Tapestry

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These tapestries are printed with fluorescent pigment ink so they glow under UV light and become colors animated under RGB LED light.
The sublimation printing process ensures great durability and excellent reproduction of the original artwork.
No worries if it gets dirty at a party or festival, simply throw it in the wash and it will come out clean without losing its colors.
The smallest size 

75/150cm - 29.5/59 inches has pockets up and down to put a stick inside for easy hanging.
The 105/210cm - 41/82 inches is mounted on the reinforced band with eyelets all around.

Regarding the 150/300cm - 59/118 inches and the 310/620cm - 122/244 inches we propose two different finishing:

A/ Straight and regular rectangle-shaped tapestry with eyelets mounted on a reinforced band all around.

B/ A stretchable curve cut shape tapestry with eyelet mounted on the reinforced band.

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