Our Story

Our Story started in France in 2009 after meeting Pumayana and discover his artworks at Arcadia festival in France.
I was fascinated by his design and asked him to take care and develop Pumayana production as clothes range and printed canvas.
Starter Shanti Spirit Atelier :
In 2011, I bought few tools like one of the best inkjet plotters existing at the time to print canvas and a few sewing machines to build a clothing collection. To be honest at start, we don't have knowledge and began with my girlfriend Anne to learn how to use sewing machines. Step by step we create tapestries and clothes patterns that of course taken us a few years to increase quality and developed all our products.
It was at some points a formidable experience to travel and show our collection in the most huge psychedelic events on the planet like Boom Festival, Ozora, Hadra, Psy-Fi or, the amazing "Oregon Solar Eclipse" in 2017.
Our partnership with Pumayana during 8 years then we decide to take a different way in January 2019.
Starter Crealab108 project :
On 1 08 2019, I start to play with some geometry and fractal software to explore it and let see what I can get. Slowly I got more understanding about the design creation process and develop a collection of Mandala's, Fractals, and geometric patterns, some dedicated to applying as a sewing guide to mount cotton patchwork clothes.
Our Team at Crealab108 is a very small family team consisting of five people :
Me Richard, my wife Anne, her Mum then two lovely employees.
All our products are handcrafted and made with love and care
Crealab108 website opening :
After one year of hard work on design, clothes, photos and web site,
we are happy to launch Crealab108 website and we hope you like it.
For any inquiry email us to contact@crealab108.com
. Tel : +66 (0) 870 390 360
Anne take care of production and clothes pattern development
crealab108 Hand stitch
Richard Graphic and pattern development with our sweet boy Ethan
Hand made cotton patchwork @Crealab108 Atelier :
hand made crealab108
Hand made